This is a great exercise for:
Mixing colours
Practising making light and dark tones
Close observation
Pen and wash technique

SAA Watercolours:
Cadmium Yellow
Quinacridone Gold
Permanent Rose
Cadmium Red
Alizarin Crimson

SAA Silver Brushes:
No 6 worker

Other materials:
SAA practice paper (NOT)
Faber-Castell Permanent Black Fine Artists' Pen 0.5mm
An orange (cut in half) on a white plate
1) Experiment with colour mixing to produce the perfect orange to match your orange…and vary the tones by using hardly any water in the mix at first…then adding lots of water for light washes.

2) Cut a shape (window) out of paper and lay it in front of the orange to focus on just a part of it.

3) Draw the orange as a line drawing ( with a permanent fine liner pen)…..observing every little detail.Take care to draw the same shape as your “window.”

4) Use the various oranges you mixed to paint the line drawing…painting the different tones and shades of orange …..using the lightest of oranges ( lots of water to make it light) for the pith to the darkest (using the darker red Alizarin Crimson) for the centre segments of the orange.

IMG_1710 2
5) If you want even darker tones …add Prussian Blue to your darkest orange.
6) Try the same exercise with other fruit eg Kiwi fruit, strawberries or star fruit

Ali teaches regular classes, and runs all day workshops, in Poynton, Cheshire. She also demonstrates and runs workshops for Art groups