Brusho product shot. All work was created on SAA practice paper. Brusho product shot. All work was created on SAA practice paper.

I have always loved art in all its guises. From my most formative years I have sketched and scribbled; drawn and doodled; coloured and contoured. Art remains a seminal aspect of my being, allowing me to connect to, and make sense of the world around me. During my early years I was at my happiest grasping a fistful of crayons, saturating with colour page after page of my drawing books. As I grew, I nurtured my passion for painting by taking inspiration from the magnificent countryside surrounding my family home in Devon.

I took up cross country running and broadened the paths I travelled in my pursuit of artistic inspiration. This sense of sheer exhilarating freedom enabled me to delve deeper into my artistic psyche. I explored the crags and hillsides. I traversed the gushing rivers, capturing the clarity of the fast flowing water on canvas, as it scythed through lush valleys and rich woodlands.

My life progressed and I began to realise that I wanted to share with others my appetite for artistic exploration. Enthusiasm ignited the spark that fired my imagination; I tapped into those indiscernible emotions suppressed by the routine of everyday living, revealing the latent creativity I believe exists in each and everyone of us.
Art is a cleansing of the soul; a means by which we speak through our emotions those thoughts and aspirations we cannot vocalise.

My approach to art is all encompassing. I believe that we each have creativity within us just waiting to be discovered. This has always been my dream to enable anyone, whether they are lacking in self belief, or just searching for a means to re-interpret their environment, to have at their fingertips a technique to allow freedom of expression.
Through my personal expression I have always sought a way to open up others to the pure elation of being creative. My career background is a combination of inspirational tutoring and a journey criss-crossing various people centred roles in health and social care; while throughout I remained committed to extending my artistic ventures. Since becoming affiliated to the SAA as a Professional Associate artist their encouragement has enabled me to progress my artistic intentions.

During the past 12 months I have set up my art group, A Splash Of Gold, in Skegness; from the start my intention has been to make sure that everyone regardless of age and ability would be given the opportunity to make their artistic mark.

From the first time I tried Brusho I was completely hooked.

The colours flow so freely and mix together in mind boggling combinations. It really does have the wow factor! I immediately recognised just how amazing this product would be as a means to introduce students to art in a relaxed, no pressure kind of way. Initially, I will do a demonstration while chatting to help put that person at ease. A sprinkle of Brusho; a swish with the spritz and the magic begins!
It's all about accessibility and expressibility!

Then it's their turn.
All artists have been faced with the blank white piece of paper. For an established artist It can be rather daunting. For someone who believes that they are not artistic it can be disconcerting.

A lady came along to one of my taster sessions. She announced that she was not at all creative and would not know where to begin. After some gentle coaxing she agreed to have a go. I said jokingly "if you can shake salt on your chips, you can use Brusho." To her absolute amazement the colours she chose began to mingle and explode into a myriad of vibrant hues. Bursting fireworks; shooting stars careering across the paper. She was flabbergasted. At the end of the session she made a point of collecting her art work which was destined to be framed and proudly displayed. Overall with each new student there has been the same positive reaction. Firstly, there is a sense of anticipation followed by a gradual dawning realisation that it is indeed possible to be expressive in a less contrived form.

Since then, I have continued to encourage all of my new members to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of Brusho. It's especially gratifying that through this medium students are able to gain in confidence and delve into the endless possibilities on offer.

 First wash with Brusho. Gravity works its magic. First wash with Brusho. Gravity works its magic.

Here, Brian, one of the members of A Splash of Gold, discovers Brusho. There's a whole world of possibilities associated with Brusho. By pressing a piece of cling film against the wet dye and leaving it for a short period of time the most beautiful crackled patterns emerge.

Spreading the colour. Spreading the colour.

Undiluted bleach lightens vivid colours to subtle pastel tones allowing for a more measured approach. After applying Brusho randomly an image can be suggested by the colours merging. Then, with a watercolour paintbrush, a picture may be brought to life depending on what the artist perceives.

Detailed control using the SAA Big Whopper brush. Detailed control using the SAA Big Whopper brush.

Use of a pipette allows for a more precise technique of applying drops of water, zeroing in on certain areas. A sweeping spray reveals in its wake striking shades and abstract images open to limitless interpretation.
So go on, try it and free your imagination!

Brian's mixed media Brusho piece created at a previous Splash Of Gold workshop. Brian's mixed media Brusho piece created at a previous Splash Of Gold workshop.