How special do you feel when you receive a gift that someone has taken the time to create especially for you? From a birthday card to a thank you note, a christening card to a get well card, the number of different events each year that involve the sending and receiving of a card is endless.

With Christmas approaching fast it's the perfect time to start designing and painting those little masterpieces for your friends and family.

Personalised greetings cards really sum up the season of giving - the thought that someone has taken the time to create something unique especially for you makes these cards very precious for all who are lucky enough to receive one.

The SAA Premium Mount Greetings Card Kit provides you with everything you need to share that Christmas spirit, complete with 10 each of the components required to create a unique and personal gift. This set, exclusively available from the SAA, comes in 2 sizes - C5 and C6.

Each set contains 10 high quality ivory greetings card, 10 beautiful bevelled, professional mounts, sticky foam pads for attaching your mount to the card, 10 sheets of Bockingford watercolour paper in NOT or Rough surface - cut to fit, and 10 matching ivory envelopes.

Simply create your artwork, then attach the mount to the card using the foam pads ensuing that you leave a gap to insert your painting behind the mount.

Make your friends and family feel special with your own creations, beautifully displayed using our Premium Greetings Card kits this Christmas.

Stuck for inspiration? Why not have a go at this little Robin, and using the step by step guide below, create your own charming Christmas card!

1. Copy down the image on to the watercolour paper provided in the Premium Mount Greetings Card Set

2. Wet the breast and head of the Robin with clean water. Then while it's still wet, add a touch of the Cadmium Orange to the middle of the breast and the face.

3. Then add some Cadmium Red from the outside of the breast towards the orange. Keep the colours light as you can always add more colour later.

4. While this is drying, paint the box with Cadmium Red varying the wash to add shape to the box.

5. Now apply some Burnt Sienna to the top of the head, the wings and the tail.

6. Paint the ribbon with the Lime Green, again varying the strength of the colour to give the ribbon some definition. Using a light mix of French Ultramarine and Paynes Grey, paint the underneath grey parts of the body below the breast.

7. Now you can start to add stronger colour for the final touches to the painting.
Using Paynes Grey, paint the beak and eyes – leaving a little touch of white to add sparkle in the eye. Strengthen the colours on the breast and face, and add a stronger mix of Burnt Sienna to the wings and tail. Mix a little French Ultramarine to the Lime Green to paint the inside of the Ribbon. Add some shadow under the rim of the box.


Once you are happy with your painting simply assemble the card mount by attaching the mount to the card with the foam pads remembering to leave one side with out pads to insert your painting.

Now you have a card which your friends and family can treasure!
Having the painting behind the mount not only how showcases your work but offers the opportunity to have the card framed as a finished piece of work and displayed proudly on their wall.

Materials used:
SAA Premium Mount Greetings Cards, Rough C5.
SAA watercolours: Cadmium Red, Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Orange, French Ultramarine, Lime Green
SAA Silver Brush: Worker size 6

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