I have used Parker Quink Ink for many years. I was excited to find it was being introduced to the SAA range of products. Immediately I purchased all 3 colours available and began to relive my past and the joy of using the ink and water.


In the past I would have a bottle of Permanent Black Quink ink fill my fountain pens for writing but use the same pen to create lively drawings. It was a material I used at University and I fell in love with the simplicity of using a line drawing and being able to add tone and texture by simply adding water. The added bonus to using the Permanent Black is that it separates into blue and gold tones. I would create a line drawing with the darker shading using the neat ink. Then I would take some clean water and start to put the ink from the lines to create additional tones and textures. All I then had to do was to sit back and allow the ink to continue to separate and watch the exciting effects happen.

Picture 1 Rhinos

So new bottle of Permanent Black Quink ink in hand and using a dip pen, I used outlined the image with neat ink. Once the outline had been completed I used clean water and a brush to move the ink into the body treating the tones, allowing the ink to continue to separate. Once dry I was able to go back into the drawing retouch as required.   Rhino

Picture 2 Shark

Again I created an outline with neat ink with a dip pen.  I used a brush with neat ink to create the lines in the water.  This time I used a water spray bottle with clean water all over the drawing.  This created exciting effects over the whole of the paper.  I was able to retouch any of the lines and add any extra tone once the drawing had dried.

Anita Pounder SAA Artist Shark with Parker Quink Ink