So why Pebeo mixed Media?


Pebeo Mixed Media uses existing Pebeo ranges like Vitrail Glass paint and paint used in jewellery blanks which create wonderful effects , have looked at how much more potential these mediums can have, and hay presto Mixed media. This will appeal to all levels of artists. You can simply pour the various paints on to a canvas or into a liquid panel and watch the paint create their own unique designs . These can be left as a unique piece by themselves or you can add detail

The Vitrail glass paint is a bright and transparent medium making glorious fluid transparent colours and effects. Add this with the Fantasy Prisme or Fantasy Moon paints and just watch the painting create itself.

Fantasy Moon is an opaque paint which creates a hammered effect when dry and the Fantasy Prisme is an opaque paint which creates an organic Honeycomb effect. The paint needs a certain amount of thickness of paint to see the effects on the paint happen. Pouring or dropping in with a pipette can be used to achieve this.

The Hammered or Honeycomb effects are best seen when the paints are left unmixed on the canvas. But new effects are created when the paints are mixed and swirled together.

You do have to be a little patient with this medium as it will continue to develop until it is dry. You can work into the paint at various time throughout the drying process and these will again create different effects. It's best to allow at least 24 hours to be completely dry.

This is a very tactile medium and you will find that once the pieces are dry everyone will want to touch the 'glass like' surface.


How to create an abstract style

Simple pour , swirl, drip and splosh various colours of Vitrail, Fantasy Moon and Fantasy Prisme in to a Liquid panel, add a few flakes of gold flakes and let the painting create itself.

pebeo 1

If you want a little more control you can develop you painting in layers adding finer detail to each level. You will have to be patient as it takes about 24 hours for the layers to dry.


Creating more realistic abstracts to your Pebeo Mixed Media

pebeo 2

I did this by pouring and dripping various colours of Vitrail, Fantasy Moon and Fantasy Prisme on to a canvas. Then using a Black Cerne Relief outlined the turtle and dropped in extra colours to make the Turtle emerge from the canvas.

pebeo 3

For this cheeky sea lion, I dropped in various colours of Vitrail, Fantasy Moon and Fantasy Prisme.  Whilst it is still wet, I scattered some gold flakes. Then using a gold Cerne relief drew the sea lion

TUTORIAL: Poppy using Pebeo Mixed media

pebeo 4

Materials :

Pebeo Vitrail Transparent Glass Paint : Crimson, Lemon, Chartreuse & Transparent White

Pebeo Fantasy Moon: Carmine, Turquoise and Ebony

Pebeo Fantasy Prisme: English Red

Cerne Relief Transparent

Cerne Relief Black


Lollipop sticks


1.) I started by sketching out the poppy shape with a pencil on to the canvas. I wanted have some control as to where the paint would end up and not just create a solid colour. To achieve this I went around the shape of the poppy with the Transparent Cerne Relief. This applies the dimensional relief paint in a fine line and creates allows me to isolate paint to certain areas of the painting which should prevent the colours from running into each other.


2.) I dropped the Pebeo Vitrail Crimson into the areas which I felt would be the darkest. Using the lollipop stick, I mixed the colour in the pot and then dripped and pushed the paint on to the canvas.

TOP TIP: Mix the colours really well with a stick before using. This activates the pigments and the solvent which ensures that you will achieve the maximum paint effects.


pebeo 53.) I then added a bit of the Fantasy Prisme English Red and the Fantasy Moon Carmine to build up the petals . The beauty about these paints is they way in which they create their own effect. Again I used the stick I mixed the paints with to push the paint up to the Cerne Relief. To finish the petals I added some Transparent White Vitrail at the edge of the petals and let this mix into the other colours.

4.) For middle of the poppy I used Fantasy Moon Ebony and simply poured into the area and watched the hammered effect do its work. Once this had dried over night I finished the middle using the Cerne Relief Black .

pebeo 6

pebeo 75.) The poppy head and the stems were a mix of Vitrail Charteuse and Lemon and the red of the new bud was Crimson.

6.) This just left the background which was a case of simple pouring Fantasy Moon Turquoise and using the stick manipulation the paint to the edges of the canvas and into all the corners around the poppy.

All I needed to was to wait and let the paints work their magic effects .


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