Many can find it difficult to relax so this is one of the main ingredients brought into the art workshops I run, and have run over the years. Some need to take time to get into that right ‘space’ before even being able to consider starting to paint. Once learned it’s a life skill that can be applied to many areas of life to bring about a relaxed but focused way of living.

Prepare all your materials beforehand, sit in front of the paper or canvas, take time to do some breathing exercises slowly bringing yourself into the present, focusing on the breath has an amazing power to bring us into the here and now.

Use a piece of charcoal to draw onto paper to start to free your creativity, with your non dominant hand.

Imagine a scene and just draw it (with your eyes closed) it’s great fun and frees up the creative flow! You will surprise yourself! Make sure you use the charcoal in broad strokes and light strokes and be willing to smudge it on the paper for effects, keeping your eyes closed and be aware of the edge of the paper.

These are like warming up exercises.

Then start painting!