It's amazing what forms inspiration can take,  Our friend and PA Robert Hughes was demonstrating at the newly opened HobbyCraft store in Aintree when one of his student came along to watch as he demonstrated and chatted to the enquiring onlookers.

The following Friday at my art class, the student passed him a piece of paper to him with a poem they had written about the demonstration.

Bob Hughes

Standing by his easel

paint brush in his hand

thinking should I do a portrait

or a painting of the land

he would like to get over

to people standing by

just what can be achieved

if your only willing to try


Applying the paint to paper

with gentle strokes here and there

he takes a step back

while the bystanders stare

he makes it look so easy

with his own stylish technique

that's why all his paintings

turn out to be so unique


his paintings are so vibrant

with the colours all aglow

as everyone can see

with the ones he has on show

a digital artist and a

traditional one too

with a vast amount of knowledge

he is ready to pass on to you


"It's a nice feeling to know that I can give inspiration to people in more ways than just painting" Bob Hughes