New Year - New Medium


I love the start of a new year; a time to plan my work and direction for the year ahead and to start work on all the ideas I had last year, before the shows begin again.

I'm aware that I use a lot of different products, which is great but the fact that I buy them from so many different places can make it hard for my students when they want to buy things. I've decided, therefore, that it's time to experiment with all the lovely mediums available from the SAA to see if I can get the effects that I want from them, to simplify things a little, and also to see if can discover some new ideas.

I often apply paint and then let it run down the canvas and I'm keen to develop this further so have ordered some mediums to thin my paint whilst hopefully retaining the vibrancy of colour.


Initially I have ordered:

Liquitex Iridescent Medium

Winsor and Newton Glazing Medium

Winsor and Newton Flow Improver

Liquitex Pouring Medium

Daler Rowney Flow Enhancer

SAA Acrylics

Liquitex acrylic inks.


Today I'm trying Liquitex Iridescent Medium. This comes in a 237ml bottle which makes it easy to use, it's fairly runny so pours out easily. I use a lot of fluid acrylics including metallics which work out quite costly, so this is great value as I can mix a limitless number of colours. It will combine with all the acrylic tube colours and inks that I have to produce in whatever thickness I require. I notice it's a milky white when wet and it dries with a lovely, almost silver sheen to it.





When testing new things I try to keep notes of everything I've used and what my thoughts were, this is great to refer back to.

Firstly I mixed the medium with Speedball acrylic calligraphy ink in 'Teal'. It becomes quite thin when mixed with this (although I could use less for a paler colour) - maybe a little too funny for me, I can see a lot of it ending up on the floor!




Then I used some tube colour, Winsor and Newton Artists Acrylic Cadmium Orange. I needed to add more medium to get the consistency I wanted but I like it. It holds the 'drip' nicely in both cases and also when used neat. It dries to a nice shine which I like.




Conclusion? Yes I will be adding this to my repertoire and using it in future paintings.

I shall be adding further blogs as I test the other mediums, I'm especially looking forward to trying out the SAA's new acrylics. If you are ever stuck for ideas of what to paint then I'd highly recommend just 'playing around' like this - you never know where it might lead!

Enjoy your experimenting,