I believe that we should learn something from every book we read and The Bridges Of Dee, by Steve Williamson, is no exception to this. Steve, an SAA PA, explains through easy to read text and paintings in different mediums, that the River Dee starts life as a trickle above Bala Lake (I didn't know that!), flows for around 70 miles and under 41 bridges until it reaches the sea at the base of The Wirral.

This project, depicting all 41 bridges which cross the Dee, is fascinating and will certainly appeal to those who live along and around the course of the river. Map references of the bridges will help locate each and every view.

This large softback, in Landscape format, makes it an easy read, with accompanying notes to each of the fill plate colour images.

Steve's painting style, in all of the mediums used for her paintings, is loose and immediate.



This has been a review by Mr Steve Williams