As seen in the PAINT Newsletter, our book review feature sees art expert Henry Malt dip into some of the newest art instruction books to find out what they have to offer the aspiring artist.

Henry has been writing about art books for thirty years, twenty seven of which were spent running the Artists’ Choice book club. In this feature, he takes an independent look at the latest publications. This time he’ll be casting an eye over Keith's Top Tips for Watercolour Artists by Keith Fenwick.


"Keith is one of the unsung heroes of the demonstration circuit and has been around for almost as many years as I have. One of his main strengths is all those little tricks and techniques that give a successful painting its edge and make it live. It was from his first book that I really understood how glazing worked.

So you're probably not surprised that I like Keith's Top Tips for Watercolour Artists. This series was an excellent idea, but it stands or falls on its authors more than any other because the artists absolutely have to have something up their sleeve. Being practically a walking encylcopaedia of such things, Keith has produced one of the best books in the list, nailing the basics of laying a wash, showing you how to make clouds and mountains look realistic, how to create movement in water and even how to handle perspective (without getting all nerdy about it).

In his live demonstrations, Keith has a confident, no nonsense approach and this comes out here, making this well worth having a look at.

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Do you have any of your own top tips for watercolour artists? Please share them with us here, we'd love to hear about them...

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