Vic Bearcroft, book cover, drawing and painting wild animals
Few of us get the chance to paint iconic wild animals in their natural environment.

When the winner of the Endangered Species category of the BBC Wildlife Artist of The Year competition writes a book, it’s worth taking notice.
Vic bearcroft shows the first sketches of wild animals

Most of the animals illustrated are ones you’d only find in exotic places or wildlife parks, and Vic helpfully includes advice on where to find them as well as how to work from photographs – which, to be honest, is probably the simplest approach.

Vic Bearcroft will show you how to capture these magnificent creatures closer to home, either from photographs or by visiting one of the many wildlife parks around the country.

The bulk of the book is divided up by animal types, including big cats, bears, apes and the dog family. Each of these sections includes detailed notes on the basic structure and features such as eyes, noses and skin or fur, and is completed by a full step-by-step demonstration of one of the classics of the group - a tiger, a panda, a chimpanzee and so on.

preview of Vic Bearcrofts drawing and painting with animals

There’s a nicely structured approach, too. Vic will lead you in if you're new to the subject, discussing materials for drawing and painting in watercolour, acrylic and pastel, and then moving on to tone and colour as well as simple shapes and sketches.

Vic progresses to show you the secrets of painting features such as eyes, noses, skin and fur before you get to the full demonstrations.

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