Winsor & Newton Twilight Colours


Twilight is the period of time in which the sun Twighlight mood shotsets below the horizon, leaving colour and drama in the skies. The foreground in twilight becomes darker, but the sky can still be filled with colour.

With the introduction of the new Winsor & Newton limited edition Twilight colours, any artist can create moody skies and scenery. Ideal for watercolour landscapes, the twilight range gives you a powerful arsenal of colours that can be blended to suit a variety of different subjects.

We asked in house artist Anita Pounder to paint a simple
watercolour landscape using all of these colours, and give
a few basic tips along the way.



The Twilight Range:

Firstly I wet the paper in the area of the sky and drop in the Sanguine Red. Next I use the Smalt colour whilst adding the stronger Quinacridone Violet to brighten up the sky.

Try and be creative and vary the direction of the colour. The best thing about this method is that it is unpredictable, and the paint and paper create their own sky. This is always exciting as you should always end up with a unique painting.


You can also add darker tones to the sky by adding the colours to dry paper, or rewetting and dropping in stronger tones of Smalt or Violet, or even a mix of both. It is easy to put too much colour on the paper, as the paint will move quite far in the water, so you need to restrain yourself and allow the magic of the colours and the paper work for you.

The Cobalt Green Deep, Aqua Green and Chromium Black paints can be used in the foreground. They are most effective when added to colours and shapes to create a silhouette effect which adds drama to the painting.

- Anita Pounder

You can buy the limited edition Winsor and Newton Twilight Watercolour Paints on the SAA Website, or by clicking the link above.