I have been using the SAA watercolours since joining them many years ago. When I became a PA in 2013, they were the obvious choice to recommend to my students, due to their high quality and value for money.


I tend to use a lot of strong bold colours in my work, and find they suit my style perfectly.

Because I prefer to work on a diverse range of subjects, I do have most of the SAA colours but work with a limited colour palette depending on the subject.


I love the vibrancy of Tropical Phthalo Blue on its own, or mixed with other blues to pep them up a little. Alizarin Crimson is another favourite of mine, it’s surprising how often I use this colour, sometimes very weak but I see pale hints of it here and there in most subjects. The recent addition of Cadmium Lemon Yellow has been very useful, it’s ideal for adding sunlit leaves on top of mid and dark greens, mixed with Sap Green it makes a lovely fresh green for springtime growth.

During the week I teach around sixty students, and encourage them to use good quality paper and SAA watercolours. Most of the brushes I use are from the silver range, they keep their shape well and are great value for money.


My studio is incorporated in my gallery located in Cromford village, Derbyshire - everyone is welcome to come along and see the products in use, or ask questions about the SAA range.