We've asked in-house SAA Artist Anita Pounder to try the new range of Derivan Liquid Pencil. In this article Anita talks about techniques she uses to create her sketches, followed up with pictures.

Derivan Liquid Pencil


I was a little skeptical at first. How does Liquid pencil work?  The best way to find out was to give it a try…LPG9RW_0

Result: I’ve found it to be a really exciting medium!


So what is Liquid pencil?



It is a unique formula of liquid graphite which allows you to create graphite sketches using a brush. With excellent lightfast ratings and with it being non-toxic, this medium can open up new and exciting ways of working with graphite.


The Liquid pencil can be mixed with water and diluted to create fine and subtle tones. This means that you can cover large areas with graphite quickly and evenly.


I like to apply the Liquid pencil using a broad brush for building up the tones, and a small brush to finish the detail, however you can apply using a variety of instruments – a dip pen will give a very fine lines, where as a course brush will create texture and exciting lines.


How can it be used?


The Liquid pencil comes in a pot and has a creamy consistency. I take a small amount out of the pot and put it on to the edge of a small palette or tinting saucer. I then add water to create the tones I required. I always use a piece of test paper at the side of the drawing to test the tone before applying to the painting.

The first thing I was impressed with was how easy it was to create very light and subtle tones. I could gradually build up layers to create up the drawing.


There are 2 formulas: Permanent and Rewettable


The permanent, as the name suggests, is permanent when dry whereas the re-wettable formula can be reworked, lifted and moved even after it has dried.

I like to use the re-wettable formula so that I can rework and alter the tones and highlights.

Just like a graphite pencil, the Liquid Pencil can be burnished to a shine or blended with your finger or blender. The re-wettable formula can also beerased using an eraser, though it will take more work if the tone is quite dark.


Blending Bending

Erasing Erasing





Which is the best paper ?


As you will be adding water to the Liquid Pencil to create tone, it will be necessary to use a heavier cartridge paper or a smooth watercolour paper to reduce the risk of cockling. But it can be used on any surface which will take graphite.


Examples of work done using Liquid Pencil:


Iguana on craft card in Liquid pencil



Latest work in progress. I still need to add more detail.