When we first saw this product in use, we knew it would be popular, but we could never have imagined it being this popular. We've already sold hundreds of tubs following it's recent launch!

Below are just a few of the household items you can paint on:

This remarkable new watercolour ground lets you use watercolours in ways you never imagined! Ready to use straight from the container it has a thick consistency which is pigmented with Titanium White pigment and one coat will cover most surfaces.

It works on everything you can think of, from plastic and cloth to tin and stone, giving you an incredible range of new possibilities. Check out the pictures and your mind will start racing with ideas of what you can paint next! But best of all you can rescue a flawed painting plus lift and scrub without damaging the picture's surface. Click here to see the video!

It creates a soft, absorbent watercolour surface with a slightly cottony texture that's similar to cold press paper and works beautifully with watercolour because it creates a surface that is a bit more absorbent than paper.

1 Pint of Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground will cover 107 square feet at 1mm thickness.

Click here to purchase your tub of Daniel Smith Watercolour Ground now!

Are you one of the many people already using Daniel Smith Watercolour Ground? We'd love to hear your experiences...

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