Get painting with the Flower Power Art Challenge!

If you love gardening, feel inspired by plants and flowers and can see the beauty in all things horticultural why not try your hand at expressing yourself through art…

The Flower Power Art Challenge in aid of Greenfingers Charity, is bringing together the worlds of horticulture and art by encouraging professional and amateur artists alike to get out their easels, paints, pastels or even sewing needles and get creative!

Each entrant can have a go at producing an artwork in any 2D medium, inspired by any subject relating to flower power that they wish.

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Reap the rewards of sowing your creative seeds by winning the chance to:

  • Exhibit your artwork at The Embassy Tea Gallery in London
  • Win cash prizes of up to £1000
  • Feature as a guest artist on the Up and Coming Art website
  • Have your work seen by thousands
  • Help to support the Greenfingers A Million Moments Appeal

Artworks shortlisted for the exhibition will be sold with 50% of the proceeds going towards the Greenfingers A Million Moments appeal and 50% going to the artist.

So as the days get cooler, the nights draw in and you are spending less time out in the garden, you can keep those memories of blooming glories, sunny borders and sumptuous vases of cut flowers alive by entering the Flower Power Art Challenge and letting your artistic talents blossom!

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