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A while ago a friend told me that her art club invited speakers to come along and present their work and that if I was interested she could put my name down, but it would be probably 12 months of so before I would be approached.

Then three months later I got a phone call to say that January's planned speaker had dropped out and could I step in? I heard myself say yes of course in a confident voice and then when the call had ended I thought ''oh no...what have I let myself in for as I have never done this before''


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So a couple of weeks ago, I found myself battling through a particularly stormy January evening to get to Wareham Art Club in Dorset. The hall was lined with chairs and as I set up my easel, paints, palette knives along with floor covering, the hall started to fill with members and the seats filled, I lost count at 35 people.

The club secretary called everyone to order and I was introduced and I heard her say '' over to Carole'' so now I had to start...

Starting was the worst bit but after a couple of minutes I really began to enjoy painting and talking about what I was doing...I encouraged the club members to ask me questions as I went along and soon people were joining in. Soon the painting was taking shape.

I told the audience that I am a 'messy' painter and that was soon evidenced by a large blob of white paint landing on my shoulder and me cleaning the odd palette knife on my trousers!

All too soon it was time to break for refreshments and to clean up my work table.


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After the break I changed canvas and demonstrated a way of adding texture to canvas by using PVA glue to stick tissue paper to the canvas, leaving it to dry and then adding paint by brush and palette knife.

With 5 minutes to go, the second painting was finished and I was thanked for my presentation....and the job was done

What a 'buzz' I think that those three hours were the most exciting of my creative life and I cant wait to do it again!


Carole Irving