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Patricia Wares, SAA member and member of Newton Abbot Art Group, has recently discovered the Pebeo Mixed Media range of paints and is loving them!

Most of us in the Newton Abbot Art Group had not seen or heard of the Pebeo paints until we saw Patricia's paintings and are keen to have a go with them ourselves Jan Newton, Publicity secretary of NAAG

Stage 1,

Pebeo 1For this painting I used a 16" x 12" canvas in portrait style. I used Silver acrylic paint to cover the whole canvas including the sides and allowed it to dry. Next I applied fine netting and Pebeo silver leaf with PVA glue to create a texture finish and also allowed this to dry.

At this stage I hadn’t decided on my final colour scheme or design.


Stage 2.

Pebeo 2
For more texture I introduced fine moulding paste and allowed this dry.





Stage 3.

Pebeo 3
Next I added more background colour using White acrylic and Pebeo Prisme Antique Gold in a brush finish which begins to set the direction that my overall canvas colouring will follow. I find that drizzling the paint from the end of a paint brush gives me more control than using the pipettes or any other tool.


Stage 4.

Pebeo 4
In this close up photo I have drizzled Pebeo Prisme paint on the canvas, I then drizzled Pebeo Moon paing onto the wet Prisme controlling the amount until I was happy with final effect.



Stage 5.

Pebeo 5

In this close up of a section of the canvas I have added more colours, some left natural and some mixed using the drizzle method and allowed to dry. At this stage I can visualise how I want my painting to be but am still in a position to alter, modify and change it.



Stage 6.

Pebeo 6
This close up shows the application of Pebeo Cerne Relief and crystals to add to the texture and features of my painting.




Stage 7.

Pebeo 7

The finished canvas which I will mount in a recessed frame.


I am loving using these versatile paints and just can’t keep up with demand for my finished paintings!’ Patricia Wares