The Secrets of Pen and Ink by Peter Poulton


Looking for the solution to a problem is often how many inventors discover ‘great ideas’ - and SAA member, Peter Poulton, believes this to be a pretty close interpretation of this book - his very own invention!

He spent his formative years training as a cartographic draughtsman - that’s a mapmaker to you and me - so drawing has always been an interest of his, however, with inspiration routed in the illustrations from days gone by - notwithstanding the fabulous works of cartoonist Norman Thelwell and Pauline Baynes (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe & The Lord of the Rings) - he took to developing his own style with his art.




This self-published book was born from a love of the effects that can be achieved with a pen and a piece of paper. It explores the separate elements found within the landscape around us all; from trees and foliage to water and cliffs and even a little on boats, people and the suggestion of wildlife.

Peter was born in Cornwall but spent the first 25 years of my life living in Hertfordshire. With a background routed designing and inventing, he has always been on the lookout for solutions to all sorts of problems, and his for 20 years.

Today he likes to take life a little easier than during his working life running his own small manufacturing business and is a self-confessed dreamer, “I am very unconventional and I have my own way of doing everything, I seem to live in my own magical dream world. My pictures are illustrations in pen & ink, but I also write poems and draw fantasy maps of islands.”




The book 'THE SECRETS OF PEN &INK' has evolved from Peter’s notes and scribbles. It was not initially intended as a book but from keeping records of all his textures (he enjoys inventing new ones); he couldn’t source a book with the expanse of textures and marks that he has made and so was inspired to create this captivating title.

Here at the SAA we are so excited to be able to support Peter with the launch of his first book, and believe that it will inspire many others to explore the world around them through a series of unconstrained doodles, squiggles and lines.

You can buy Peter's Book 'The Secrets of Pens & Ink' from the SAA by clicking on the link or the image below.