I'm Betty Norton and I just have to share my experience of using these Maimeri Blu watercolour paints with you.

Having had the honour of being asked to be an ambassador of these beautiful Italian watercolour paints, I just couldn't wait to squeeze those gorgeous, juicy colours onto my palette, and get started!

The vast range of colours is superb, everything an artist dreams of, from landscape right across the board, through to floral painting to portraiture!

One of my first paintings is of some flowers (figure 1 below)

Figure.1 Figure.1

After squeezing out these lovely juicy vibrant colours onto my palette, then using my large round w/colour brush, I soaked the clean, stretched watercolour paper, and dropped in some gorgeous flower colours, PRIMARY RED MAGENTA,COBALT VIOLET along with some CADMIUM ORANGE, and CADMIUM YELLOW, and ULTRAMARINE BLUE Light, to make some subtle greens. I work swiftly, rinsing the brush clean, then squeezing it dry between my fingers, lifting out some rough shapes that will become the stars of this painting. (figure 2 below)

betty-2 Figure 2.


I continued, working negatively, (that is painting the shapes around the flowers, not the flowers themselves)! Using variations of the colours, I painted the line, little at a time, to “Shape” the flower, then working swiftly, and using a clean damp brush, I softened the outside edge of that line. This added some colour into the background too.

(Every line has two sides, I only wanted the one closest to the flower to show, so I softened the other one).

betty-3 Figure 3

I continued to work in this way, shaping leaves and foliage, It really is worth the time to practise negative painting, its so rewarding, the painting just evolves! Everything emerges from the background.

The MaimeriBlu paints just made it a more rewarding experience, I just can’t wait to start my next watercolour painting using them!