“Love Comes Slowly,” a strange title for a write up on the SAA Acrylics I know, but in my case very true!

In the last month of 2016 the SAA provided me with sponsorship for their Acrylic paints, an honour that was greatly appreciated, but with some trepidation, because up until that point I had only had very little experience of the range, and I mean very little. In actual fact I wasn’t too impressed, but as I have said my experience was very limited.

Well, in January/February of this year (2017) I finally placed my order for as big a selection of the colours that my sponsorship would allow.

Once all the colours finally arrived I got stuck in, and it wasn’t a good start. Within 10 minutes of starting I had already ruined a good pair of trousers, and stained the studio floor as well as areas of the garden path. However, it did indicated the first great thing about the paints, they were indeed highly pigmented, which believe it or not, did surprise me. Anyway I cleaned up and started again.

Now, I am very used to using System 3 Acrylics and applying quite a bit of paint to a canvas to achieve results, but with the SAA Acrylics there was no such problem! Let me clarify! I tend to paint reasonably big and inevitably use a large amount of paint but with the SAA paints it became quite clear early on in the painting, that I was going to use very little paint indeed.

I couldn’t believe the coverage the SAA Acrylics gave me, it was a revelation.

The first painting, I did struggle with a bit, and don’t forget these were acrylics that I had never used properly before, and was still very unsure of what they could do? So I chose to paint a yacht from a photograph by Tim Wright, on a small 18”x 12” canvas. It was hard going as I had know idea how long the paint would stay workable on the canvas (I do not use additives of any kind, and nor do I water down any colours unless applying a glaze), and workability is extremely important to me when painting with the need to blend on a painting. It did take some time and some swearing but I did eventually work out how to use them in my style of painting.

“Stormy Seas” was the result

stormy seas

For a my first ever painting using the SAA Acrylics it was a little messy but I think I managed some kind of painting.

Now, having just received a batch of canvases, I had the need to move on with these Acrylics. I needed to know just how fine I could use the paints. Again, I was truly amazed with the results and the second painting was completed 2 days later, with a painting called  "It's All Go!" based on an original photograph by Paul Wyeth.

I was now starting to really like these SAA Acrylics

Once I get started painting I have to keep going until I run out of canvas or paint.

The next test for the paint was to see how good a flesh tone I could achieve? Well it was a test of these Acrylics indeed. Very hard going and a great deal of trial and error but the result was "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" (My thanks to Badr Safadi for allowing me to use one of his original photographs)

This painting for me highlighted a problem, which I believe should be resolved. The range of colours available at present does in my humble opinion require one or two additions, the first being Naples Yellow and the second being Warm Grey! As to paint the flesh tones I had to use system 3 Naples yellow.

Well! Having to use a colour from someone else’s range is no great sin, especially as I was now starting to really love using these SAA Acrylics  which lead me on to painting “Margot” with the introduction now of Naples Yellow.


Finally before I conclude, I wanted to know how fast I could use the SAA Acrylics, especially essential if demonstrating,  but I did need to use System 3 Warm Grey. “White Horses” was the result painted in 1 hour.

In conclusion and without any favouritism I have this to say about SAA Acrylics:


It took some doing but I am really impressed with the coverage and the pigmentation of the colours, the flow and workability.

I would and do recommend that all you Acrylic artists out there try the SAA Acrylic range as soon as you can, and I can guarantee that you will be hooked on them.

Terence R Rogers PA(SAA)