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Being an amatuer painter is uplifting and fun!

Most people would agree that an amateur is someone who does something for the sheer love of it; the simple joy of taking part and creating something. And of course for the great satisfaction of true achievement! When it comes to art, an amateur could also be defined as someone who doesn’t try to sell their work.

Amateurs paint for pleasure, for happiness. We all know that you can’t buy happiness… it comes as a by-product of doing something else. From a beautiful view, stimulating or relaxing music, a pretty face, a smile, a child playing, or doing something that gives others pleasure.

Happiness is intangible, but we should all set out to find it. And one fantastic place to start is by picking up a paint brush, finding a beautiful spot to paint, and then battling to achieve something you are pleased with. Then, when you show your friends or family and they say "did you do that?", you’ll experience the warm glow of happiness that only art can provide.

Happiness is not expensive: if you’re ever in London, why not sit in the park and paint the palace? It costs you nothing to look and paint that view, but it costs the Prince a great deal to sit in his palace and look at you painting… just imagine the rent and the rates!

So be proud of painting for pleasure - and make sure you share it with others!

To find out more about the SAA, or to unite with other amateur painters across the world, please click here to join today.

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