"This is Me"

Debbie Cullis
  • Media: Pastels
  • Subject: Portrait or Figure
  • Size: 50cm x 40cm
  • Surface: Canvas
  • Price: £0.00

I took this portrait of myself from my ipad, zooming in on the face. First time I have done this and a drawing of myself. I began by having some fun and experimenting with contour drawings and blind contour drawings in my sketchbook. They were like cartoon characters, eyes below the glasses, lips up a bit, hair I went to town with. They were done from my reflection in a small mirror, next to me. It caused me to look deep into my eyes and to draw the shape of my face and practice seeing and observing with memory. I chose soft pastels to create a soft, chalky, ivory skin and my blonde bombshell of hair. I kept the background, again, very soft, picking up the colours in the face and hair. It was experiential and I learned a lot from seeing my portrait opposite in a mirror as well as off an ipad. I have seen my face for real and I was happy with the finished reflection. "This is Me!"

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