London Transport

Susan Clare
London Transport
  • Media: Acrylics
  • Subject: Landscape or Woodland Scene
  • Size: 46 x 61
  • Surface: Canvas
  • Price: £850.00

I wanted to capture the excitement of a night time cityscape whilst bringing awareness of transportation considerations for today's energy-conscious climate. The viewer is standing amongst the bicycles, our 'greenest option' for getting around faster than a walking pace, on the gloomy side of the street. The gaze is inescapably drawn into the picture towards the bright lights and excitement, past the taxi-cabs and then the red buses, which at least provide shared transport for many, cutting down the individual's carbon footprint. The seductive bright lights of London hold the gaze captive...'What's going on up there and how can I get involved?" I used a red underpainting, blocky brushwork, dragged paint and kept details to a minimum, focussing on the random pattern made by reflecting lights in the buildings and buses. This painting was Highly Commended in the The Artist magazine Artist of the Year 2017.

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