Burning Bright

Hazel Murray
Burning Bright
  • Media: Mixed Media
  • Subject: Animal or Wildlife
  • Size: 26 x 34 cm
  • Surface: Canvas
  • Price: £0.00

When I saw the wonderful cover of The Artist (May) with the fantastic tiger painting by Gill Bustamente, plus Vic Bearcrofts’ amazing, mysterious Pride and Power, I almost gave up the idea of entering the Challenge. However the protection of wildlife is a theme close to my heart, and I already had an idea, so I pushed on, and now I am fairly pleased with the way it came out, plus I taught myself some new techniques along the way. First of all I drew the tiger freehand – I had to use a photo from the internet as I have never seen a tiger in the wild, then I painted an imaginary background. I photocopied a map of Asia, showing India in particular, onto transparent tissue paper, and also some verses of William Blakes famous poem, and using Daniel Smith Transparent Watercolour Ground I decoupaged them onto my background. Finally I painted my tiger –I really enjoyed the challenge of working outside my comfort zone, and I am glad that I decided to persevere. Blake’s tyger was burning bright – but for how much longer will our tigers be able to live wild and free?

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May 16, 2019
This is unique. I love it.