Lace Seller in Dubrovnik

Margaret Ellis
Lace Seller in Dubrovnik
  • Media: Pen And Wash
  • Subject: Townscape or Streetscene
  • Size: 12 x 16 inches
  • Surface: Canvas
  • Price: £70.00

This lace seller was working in the Square of the Church of St.Ignatius Loyola in Dubrovnick - adjacent to house in the first painting above. The man in the check shirt is her husband - he collected and counted the money! This is a very quiet little square, away from all the crowds. It is at the top of a long flight of steps through the market and up behind the Cathedral. The lady has got her wares set out on a stone bench situated at the top of the steps up from the market. I did this picture as a demonstration on a painting holiday in October 2007.

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