Pavement Cafe, Croatia.

Margaret Ellis
Pavement Cafe, Croatia.
  • Media: Watercolour
  • Subject: Landscape or Woodland Scene
  • Size: 16 x 12 inches
  • Surface: Canvas
  • Price: £0.00

A pavement cafe in Dubrovnik

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June 29, 2013
Lovely interesting details and colours, leading the eye into the scene, I have some pastel pet portraits on this website Margaret and would love to read your comments on them, just click on my name to see them and you can leave like/love it's as well, o see my newer 3 dog pastel portraits just type free reference photos into the search box of this site and you will get to them, then you can see the comments left for me by previous site members that I have steered across to see them, those 3 are on that photos page because of the disruption when SAA installed a new web server which stopped me from being able to upload anything to the main gallery a situation that is slowly being sorted out by the SAA! The first one you will see on that photos page is a Jack Russell Terrier, then further down the page you will find a Chocolate Labrador, and a Daschound, bye for now Margaret