Acrylic painting - underpainting and glazing

Tuition FROM: Wednesday, 7 November 2018 TO: Wednesday, 5 December 2018

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    Understanding the basics of underpainting and glazing with acrylic can speed up the progress you make with acrylic paint. This five-week course will provide you with the recipes to create the look of gold, silver and bronze without using metalic paints, show you how to make your colours glow as if light comes from within them, and illustrate how to make deep darks rich in colour. It will also look at some of the stunning effects that can be created through underpainting and glazing and show you the materials and methods used by professional painters.

    Glazing is the application of thin diluted colours placed over dry colour. It is a way of changing the colour and tonality of dry painted areas and can enrich the look of an artwork enormously. Glazing takes away that sometimes dry plastic look that directly applied acrylic can sometimes have. It can be placed over large areas of an artwork or just small sections.

    Titian, Turner, Rembrandt and Rothko are all known for their use of glazes making their work glow and have enormous spatial depth. They understood deeply the effects of underpainting an area and glazing on top of the dried paint to achieve stunning effects. These artists worked with oil paints that took days or even weeks to dry before a new layer could be added. Acrylic dries in minutes or hours depending on the thickness of the paint, so is the ideal medium to work with to quickly process the methods these artists employed.

    In Jasons last year of university he spent a great deal of his time investigating the colour changes and effects of glazing, creating colour charts to help calculate the colours he would make within his work. these charts will be in class to help you calculate the colours you will be making.
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    Newcastle Arts centre
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    Media: Acrylics
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    Charges: £68

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