Set of Four Chinese Brushes

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Boxed set of four different traditional Chinese brushes made with weasel hair and finished with attractive bamboo handles.
Brush length :
#1: 20.5cm
#2: 20.7cm
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Posted by Florence, Friday, 22 December 2017 on product Set of Four Chinese Brushes


Please what is the size and diameter of each Brush ? Thank you


  • Posted by Customer Service on Friday, 22 December 2017

    Good Morning Florence, I can confirm that the size of the brushes are:

    Brush 1 - 22cm in length by 0.8 diamater

    Brush 2 - 22cm in length by 0.7 diamater

    Brush 3 - 21.5cm in length by 0.6 diamater

    Brush 4 - 21cm in length by 0.5 diamater

    Kind Regards

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