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Watercolour for Starters DVD with Paul Talbot-Greaves





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Watercolour for starters is the perfect introduction to the most popular painting medium in the world amongst amateur artists.

Experienced artist and tutor Paul Talbot Greaves makes learning fun with this DVD. His no-nonsense, 100% honest tuition, using only basic materials and without any complicated tricks or gimmicks ensures that the audience will learn once and for all the basics of watercolour painting.

Paul covers a whole range of techniques and leads you gently from the basics such as brush control, understanding colour and use of washes to the more challenging aspects of watercolour painting such as creating tone, atmosphere, reflections and really bringing a painting to life.

Starting with a simple hillside scene and moving on to more challenging projects such as a mountain and lake, beach and a country track.

Paul has the ability to break any project down to a manageable series of simple washes and brush strokes.

Ideal for the beginner or those wishing to develop their watercolour skills, this DVD provides a real opportunity to get to grips with this often challenging medium.

DVD: 75 mins

Please note that while this is a Region 0 DVD, it is PAL formatted and therefore unlikely to play in North America, Japan, South Korea and some of the Pacific Islands.

However, all DVDs will play on personal computers and laptops.

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Watercolour for Starters DVD with Paul Talbot-Greaves

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