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Schmincke Soft Pastels - Set of 30 Assorted Colours

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Set of 30 full sticks in an assorted selection of colours, presented in a cardboard outer.

Schmincke Extra Soft Artists' Pastels are truly exceptional.

Each stick begins with only the most brilliant and permanent pigments, bound together with minimal binder and no unnecessary chalks or fillers, so the pigment practically melts into the paper.

This set includes 30 sticks in assorted colours - quality at a great price.

It contains the following colours:
White Tint D (1069)
Neutral Grey Tint O (8079)
Permanent Yellow 2 Light Tint D (3069)
Permanent Yellow 3 Deep Tint M (4077)
Orange Light Tint D (0069)
Orange Deep Tint D (5069)
Permanent Red 1 Pale Tint D (2069)
Scarlet Tint D (1069)
Permanent Red 3 Deep Tint B (4068)
Madder Lake Tint D (5069)
Quinacridone Violet Tint B (8068)
Deep Violet Tint H (9073)
Cobalt Blue Tone Tint O (4079)
Cobalt Blue Tone Tint H (4073)
Ultramarine Deep Tint D (3069)
Ultramarine Deep Tint B (3068)
May Green Tint D (7069)
May Green Tint M (7077)
Flesh Ochre Tint O (6079)
Gold Ochre Tint D (4069)
Burnt Green Earth Tint D (3069)
English Red Tint D (2069)
Bluish Green Tint D (8069)
Leaf Green Deep Tint B (0068)
Leaf Green 2 Tint D (3069)
Olive Green 1 Tint D (5069)
Vandyke Brown Tint D (6069)
Vandyke Brown Tint B (6068)
Cold Grey Tint B (5068)
Grey Blue 1 Tint D (1069)

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Schmincke Soft Pastels - Set of 30 Assorted Colours

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