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SAA Blue Mask Masking Fluid 60ml

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Applied as a liquid, drying to a rubber, SAA Artists' Masking Fluid can cover any shape and size of area on the painting, even for really tiny areas making it a really versatile tool when it comes to watercolour painting.

Blue Mask is lightly tinted so you can see where it is on the paper. Simply rub it off with a clean finger or eraser to reveal glistening paper underneath!

Please note: This product contains latex
  1. Best Review by Robin James

    This is by far the best masking fluid I have ever used.
    I use mainly Saunders Waterford, Arches and SAA Practice paper and find it easy to apply, easy to see where, and removes very well, even after a couple of weeks.
    I have had it for well over a year and it is still as good as the day I opened it.
    All other brands I have tried including Daniel Smith, would have coagulated badly by now. (Posted on 29/11/2016)

  2. Not very good Review by Roger

    I have used this fluid for some time but if left on for very long ( a few days)it leaves a blue mark on the paper after it is removed.

    We are very sorry you're disappointed with your purchase, however, with the exception of Daniel Smith, no masking fluid should be left on the paper for extended periods of time.
    However we'd be more than happy to accept a return under our no quibble return policy. (Posted on 30/09/2014)

  3. What am I missing? Review by Jo

    I can't get to grips with this masking fluid I'm afraid. Unless I layer it and apply it thickly I just can't remove it and even then it can take the paper with it. It's very thin from the bottle (even after shaking) so I lose some control if I try to apply a thick layer. (I'm using Bockingford 300gsm.) Not for me I'm afraid.


    We're sorry you had problems with this product; it's possible that you weren't allowing it enough time to dry as it is designed to be form a very thin, low impact layer atop the paper.
    However we would be happy to accept a return under our no quibble refund policy. (Posted on 22/08/2014)

  4. Best you can get Review by Caroline Strong

    I have sold many pots to people in my classes. I have a pot that is several years old and it is still good. The only advice I give is to make sure you give it a good shake before you use it or you will end up with a solid lump forming but this is what you should do with any masking fluid anyway. (Posted on 08/04/2013)

  5. Looking forward to testing this Review by Catherine Grieve

    Have been told it doesn't clog over time like other types so would be value for money if that is true. (Posted on 08/04/2013)

  6. Excellent Masking Fluid Review by Helen Pocklington

    Easy to apply and easy to remove without damaging watercolour paper. (Posted on 08/04/2013)

  7. good Review by Rae Graham

    It works very well for me (Posted on 28/03/2013)

  8. Impressed Review by Mary Cuffe

    Recommended this by fellow art group member. Much more successful than previous masking fluid . Impressed by next day delivery! (Posted on 28/03/2013)

  9. Always covers well Review by Barbara Bradshaw

    Blue colour good guide for rubbing off. Thickness easy to deal with and bottle lasts long time. (Posted on 22/03/2013)

  10. Satisfied Review by Claire Disbrey

    I haven\'t opened it yet (Posted on 22/03/2013)

  11. Based on past usage and reasonable price. Review by Jean Wallis

    I have been using this blue masking fluid for along time
    and like to give it to members of the class I attend to try.
    Being blue makes things much easier. (Posted on 22/03/2013)

  12. A good item to have handy! Review by Jacqueline Jackson

    Very easy to use and very effective for masking areas. Very fluid and lasts a long time. Use with the SAA masking brush for ease of use. (Posted on 25/02/2013)

  13. blue masking fluid comes in handy for leaving highlights. Review by M Clark

    Sometimes I need to save highlights in my paintings. Using the coloured fluid makes it easier to see where you have used it. (Posted on 19/02/2013)

  14. The best masking fluid i\'ve used Review by Dilys Rowlands

    I like this masking fluid because it\'s easy to apply, being blue you can see where it is and it rubs off easily. (Posted on 19/02/2013)

  15. Blue mask Review by Sheila McLoughlin

    I like this blue colour as it shows up imediately. Easy to erase too. (Posted on 19/02/2013)

  16. Excellent Product Review by Robert Brockman

    Value for money, ease of use and the colour is important! (Posted on 22/10/2012)

  17. The one and only masking fluid that does not tear your painting. Review by Anthony McGowan

    I have, in the past, had many accidents with other brands of masking fluid, where I\'ve torn my painting trying to peel it off. However the \'SAA Blue Mask\'is easier to peel even if you leave it for long periods of time. (Posted on 15/10/2012)

  18. Excellent Review by Mel Drummond

    Great product at a great price. (Posted on 01/10/2012)

  19. see the masking fluid Review by Stuart Dunnill

    Most of my students prefer this fluid because,it is easy to to apply with any given implement (brush,pen etc) and they can see if any parts have not been covered on their painting (Posted on 01/10/2012)

  20. as above Review by Brenda Wylie

    I use this a lot in my paintings to preserve the highlights. The blue colour shows me where it is. (Posted on 28/09/2012)

  21. saa masking fluid (blue) Review by Frank Smith

    Adequate item for infrequent use (Posted on 28/09/2012)

  22. Superb ! Review by Caroline Strong

    I have used and seen the use of many different masking fluids. In my opinion this is the best. I have a pot that is 5 years old and it has not gone solid! It is more fluid than most so is easier to mask fine detail and being blue you can see where you have put it. (Posted on 28/09/2012)

  23. Masking fluid Review by Hazel Lewis

    I haven\'t used it yet but if previous purchases are a guide, I\'m sure it\'ll be very good. (Posted on 24/09/2012)

  24. Pretty good for a necessary evil! Review by Roberttown Art Group

    Such an awful product but sometimes is necessary (Posted on 21/09/2012)

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SAA Blue Mask Masking Fluid 60ml

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