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Rembrandt Watercolour Pocket Box Set of 12 Pans





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Rembrandt Artists' Watercolours offer exceptional quality and the highest degree of lightfastness. These pure and intense colours are perfectly thinnable with water and offer the maximum degree of transparency.

Using the finest pigments in a pure quality of gum Arabic, the complete range consists of 80 colours. . . Ideal for any artist.

The Metal Starter Set includes:

-12 x Pans Rembrandt Water Colour
-Rembrandt reversible Brush Series 110 no.4 (round, extra fine point, red sable hair)
-Removable lid with mixing palette

Colours included in this set:

- 207 (Cadmium Lemon)
- 210 (Cadmium Yellow Dark)
- 314 (Cadmium Red Medium)
- 336 (Permanent Madder Lake)
- 506 (Ultramarine Dark)
- 511 (Cobalt Blue)
- 662 (Permanent Green)
- 616 (Viriduan)
- 227 (Yellow Ochre)
- 411 (Burnt Sienna)
- 416 (Sepia)
- 708 (Payne Grey)

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Rembrandt Watercolour Pocket Box Set of 12 Pans

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