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Frisk Watercolour Stretched Canvas (12" x 10") Pack of 2

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At last, an amazing range of original and unique watercolour canvases that allow you to present your watercolour paintings without having to frame or mount them.

These specialised canvases, supplied in packs of two, stay wetter longer and allow greater flexibility and strength than that of traditional paper.

Made from 100% high quality cotton - these exclusive 250g/m², mould-made, acid free, stretched canvases have been specially formulated to make them perfect for developing your distinctive watercolour techniques.

Grab your brush, add some creative inspiration and hang your watercolour painting with pride.

Measurements: 30.48x25.4x 1.7cm (12"x10"x0.67")
  1. Excellent Review by Patricia Pallett

    I have not used these yet ,I am just looking for a good picture to paint on them,but they look great and I will be painting on them as soon as possible.The quality as usual is excellent . (Posted on 08/04/2013)

  2. MRS. J. Shaw of Co. Durham bought 4 Frisk watercolour Stretched Canvases, sized 12\"x10 after being given another set for Christmas. On the whole I find them quite exciting to work on. It is very easy to use a mixed media (ie. W/C & acrylic)" Review by Josephine Shaw

    Despite advert. the canvas feels very different from absorbent W/C paper, and I am not able to do a very loose style so far, but am working on it. It is very easy to remove unwanted paint, even in small areas. I find it easiest to do satisfactory stylised flower and still life pictures. Landscapes I have not yet had success with. I think eventually line/wash will be successful. am working on it. (Posted on 25/02/2013)

  3. WATERCOLOUR CANVAS Review by Jacqueline Ames

    May I say that I am so pleased with the watercolour canvas that I received from the SAA. I have just started to work on it and find that it is so easy to use.
    Thank you SAA for another wonderful product, I look forward to working on many more canvases with water colour. Also I thank you for the very prompt service that is always given when ever I order something.
    Many thanks to all concerned. (Posted on 26/10/2012)

  4. modern Review by Gillian Guerrini

    new watercolour canvas saves framing (Posted on 23/10/2012)

  5. Easy to work on Review by Jeanne Davis

    I found this new watercolour canvas very easy to work on and very forgiving as mistakes can be lifted without too much trouble. The paint goes on very smoothly, but having said that, it looks a bit odd when you first apply it, but it soon soaks into the canvas. I think this could be a winner. (Posted on 22/10/2012)

  6. not tried yet but looking forward to trying it Review by Janet Webber

    it seems like a good idea have yet not had chance to try it (Posted on 22/10/2012)

  7. Excellent product Review by John Benham

    Always prepared to try something new (Posted on 19/10/2012)

  8. A very high quality product Review by Marion De Souza

    Especially good for watercolour. I like the stretched Canvas (Posted on 19/10/2012)

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Frisk Watercolour Stretched Canvas (12" x 10") Pack of 2

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