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Derwent Watercolour Pad A3

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Derwent's beautifully smooth natural wove Watercolour Paper has been especially developed for use with water-soluble pencils, but it can also team up with all types of water-soluble media; particularly Derwent's Artbar range and their Inktense Blocks.

The superior smooth texture of the new Derwent Watercolour Paper makes it incredibly versatile; it enhances your pencil work whether wet or dry, and is ideal for intricate watercolour paintings as well as even washes of colour, or a combination of the two!

The heavy weight 300gsm paper responds well to washes but Derwent recommend that the paper is stretched prior to use if a particularly large area is to be covered or a heavy wash used.

Each pad contains 12 sheets of 300gsm, white, acid free watercolour paper.
  1. Derwent Watercolour Pad A3 Review by Dawn Treeby

    Exquisitly smooth, mark and indentation free, and now my favourite smooth paper.
    I purchased a single A4 pack from the Manchester Art event and was so glad I did - I found it so easy to use for several reasons;
    I had no problems lifting the masking tape off after use which I have with cheaper papers in the past.
    It took a large amount of water with no signs of buckling.
    It was wonderfully easy to use for large sweeping washes for the sky.
    It was robust enough for layer after layer of detailed pencil work. In some areas I ended up with over nine layers of watercolour paint, watercolour pencil and inktense pencils, without the paper failing either to hold the colour, or give way under the pressure of so many layers of colour additions.
    At last something that truly allows you to go from the distance, adding colour and layer as you come closer in, going deeper and richer, without worrying.
    It didn\'t matter if I used large sweeping stokes, or small heavy indentations on to the paper, it held up and didn\'t fail at all.
    I had expected that after so much rough abuse I would have to restrict my pressure on some areas but it was not the case.
    I am restricted to how much I can spend on my hobby, but I have just ordered another pad, this time in A2. It is certainly value for money and worth the cost. (Posted on 04/10/2012)

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Derwent Watercolour Pad A3

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