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Derwent Super Point Mini Manual Helical Sharpener





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Create unrivalled pencil points. . .

The Derwent Super Point desk sharpener has a durable helical blade which sharpens pencils to super points for fine detail work and won't let you down.

Because the helical blades rotate round the pencil, they don't blunt like a regular sharpener.


It is suitable for pencils up to 8mm in diameter; the extendable front plate has a self feeding mechanism which stops when the pencil has reached a superb point. The transparent sliding tray reservoir is easily emptied and each sharpener comes with a desk clamp.

Please note that pastel pencils are fragile and will break if handled too roughly; to get a nice point, we would recommend a soft touch when operating the sharpener.

  1. Breaks points of Polychromos Review by Yvonne

    Have had this for a few weeks and it's started breaking the points of Polychromos. Had to phone SAA to find out how to clear broken points from barrel as no instructions. Given it 2 stars on this basis. Shame as it was going well. Hope this is just a glitch, if not it will be going back.


    We are sorry this sharpener failed to meet your requirements; we have had good feedback from this item so it's possible yours is defective and we would be happy to replace it under our no quibble guarantee. (Posted on 17/02/2017)

  2. Great sharpener, shame about the desk clamp Review by Dot

    I bought this to replace a similar sharpener of a different make that I bought about 30 years ago and has just started to feel a bit blunted. The Derwent sharpener is excellent but the desk clamp is inadequate, the whole things just falls off when I start to turn the handle. Perhaps it's the thickness of the shelf I clamped it to. Fortunately the clamp from my old machine fits the new one perfectly and holds it all firmly. I think the horizontal plastic part of the clamp is not rigid enough and not long enough to resist the torque. (Posted on 12/01/2016)

  3. Beware when sharpening pastel pencils! Review by Ros

    Whilst I agree on the whole with the previous reviewer, and wouldn't be without this item, I can only give it 4 out of 5 stars because please beware that it is inclined to jam up the mechanism with extra dust when sharpening pastel pencils, then the whole thing needs to be taken apart to be cleaned, not always successfully. I have tried it with Faber Castell and also Derwent pastel pencils. (Posted on 31/12/2015)

  4. Not good for pastels pencils Review by Hilary

    It is advertised as the buyer above says as being suitable for pastel pencils. I bought this specifically as on a visit to the SAA I was told it would do this job well. However, I have discovered that it chews the hard wood casing on some pastels and breaks the pastel itself far to easily if they are the softer type. The ONLY pastels I was able to get a point on with this are the harder Conti pastel crayons.

    Having said that it sharpens Graphite pencils and all other crayons well but then so do many other much cheaper sharpeners. I bought this specifically for pastels but will stick to a sharp craft knife in future. Pastels crayons are far too expensive to have chewed by this machine.


    We are sorry that you had some trouble with this sharpener; please note that as pastels are very fragile, we would recommend operating the sharpener with a soft touch.
    If you still have trouble, we would be more than happy to offer a replacement or refund under our no quibble guarantee.
    (Posted on 30/12/2015)

  5. Amazingly effective sharpener Review by David

    I have just received my Derwent super point sharpener. Does it work? - you bet it does!

    First I tried that most notorious of tasks sharpening a charcoal pencil. I have tried this in the past with a manual sharpener - always a disaster - prise out the broken pieces and start again, always had to use a knife in the finish. So how did the Derwent super point do? half a dozen cranks of the lever and all resistance ended, I gingerly removed the pencil and saw.... a 12 mm long needle sharp point! so now what else can I sharpen? I tried Derwent coloured pencil (studio and Artist), Carb Othello coloured pencil, watercolour pencil, Wash pencil and last but not least, Graphite pencils of all makes and grades. Result - an extremely sharp and long point every time.

    I found that with most pencils if you just crank the handle it will in time just turn very freely (little or no resistance can be felt) and no further sharpening happens even if you keep cranking, I think the point hits a stop so no more wood comes onto the blade, so no waste (at least in my experience).

    So: A long sharp (very sharp, it can draw blood - beware) point. In fact you may want to play around with the number of turns to get a slightly less sharp point for coloured pencils Etc. as they might be a little too fragile if you have a habit of pressing hard.

    One thing I feel you should be aware of is the diameter of your pencils, this is rated up to 9mm and the majority of pencils fall into this specification but Conte Piere Noir pencils will jamb in the sharpener as the case is just a fraction too big for the barrel, it is dragged in by the action and sticks fast (as I found out!) and will require a dismantling to extract.

    This sharpener works with everything I threw at it (with the exception of the peire noir), It is advertised as suitable for Pastel pencils, well I haven't dug out my pastel pencils yet, but Carb Othello (which are similar) and charcoal (still can't believe that worked so well!) sharpen beautifully so I have every reason to believe it.

    To sum up, I wish I had had this sharpener right from the start. This product is perfect for my needs and at this price is a steal I Thoroughly recommend this product
    (Posted on 11/11/2015)

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Derwent Super Point Mini Manual Helical Sharpener

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