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Derwent Pastel Pencil Tin of 36

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These NEW & improved Derwent Pastel Pencils have a softer powdery texture, making them even easier to lay down and blend. The range is made up of 72 new full-strength shades balanced across the colour spectrum. Unlike conventional pastels, they are presented in a smooth round wooden case for maximum control and ease of use...but they still deliver the velvety smooth finish of a top quality traditional pastel! Create great pastel paintings in no time with this fabulous tin of 36. Colours included in this set: -Vanilla (010) -Process Yellow (030) -Naples Yellow (070) -Spectrum Orange (100) -Cadmium Red (130) -Raspberry (140) -Flesh (150) -Crimson (160) -Magenta (200) -Violet (260) -Dioxazine Purple (280) -Ultramarine (290) -Cornflower Blue (320) -Cerulean Blue (330) -Cyan (340) -Prussian Blue (350) -Indigo (360) -Forest Green (410) -Pea Green (430) -Green Oxide (450) -May Green (480) -Ionian Green (500) -Olive Green (510) -Sepia (530) -Burnt Umber (540) -Raw Umber (560) -Yellow Ochre (580) -Chocolate (590) -Dark Sanquine (620) -Terracota (640) -French Grey Dark (650) -French Grey Light (670) -Aluminium Grey (680) -Graphite Grey (700) -Carbon Black (710) -Titanium White (720)
  1. Pastel pencils critique Review by Carol Gaston

    I wasn\'t impressed with the pastel pencils at all. They were NOT worth the price that I paid for them. They break very easily, even when sharpening them. I wish that I hadn\'t bought them.

    We are sorry that your experience was so unpleasant; however you always have the option of returning any item with our no quibble returns guarantee. (Posted on 10/04/2013)

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Derwent Pastel Pencil Tin of 36

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