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Cuttlelola Dotspen - Rechargable Multi-speed Electric Drawing Pen

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The Cuttlelola Dotspen will revolutionise your drawings from the moment you switch it on!

Fun and easy from the start, you'll be building up tones and highlights in your drawings in no time.

Ten times faster than traditional stippling, the reciprocating action of this innovative pen will help you breeze through projects without wrist fatigue, and open new creative dotty avenues!

With two speed settings, one for finer control and one for filling in larger areas, you can vary the intensity and the way you create the marks, allowing for a wide variety of styles and tones.

You can explore a full range of pen and ink effects as the waterproof ink lets you add watercolours, ink or other mediums to your work.

Choose from four different coloured inks, which can be layered over one another to create a whole new spectrum of colours.

The DotsPen is fully rechargeable by connecting to a USB device (USB cable included), at full charge can be used for approximately 30 mins, and can be used continuously whilst connected to a power source.

So go on. . . Start mastering your drawing skills today with the Cuttlelola Dotspen.

Ideas for unlocking your creativity. . .

- Build and develop your skills with adding tones and highlights by varying the concentration of dots
- Explore zentangling . . . The pen allows you to build mandala art and enjoy the patterns and intricacies of zentangle art
- Enjoy classic pen and wash . . . The fully waterproof ink will unlock a whole world of mixed media art
- Don't let your drawing confidence hold you back. . . Pair with some Tracedown to take the stress out of getting your image down, leaving you free to enjoy the Dotspen!

Tips for using the pen. . .

Use just like a normal pen. You don't need to dot your hand at all . . . The pen does all the hard work! You can control the space between each dot by altering the speed that you move your hand, and the operating speed of the pen (explained below).

Operating the pen is simple. . .

Click the small red button at the side of the pen to turn the pen on. . . This will start you off in STANDARD SPEED MODE.

If you would like to speed it up, simply double-click the red button once again. Now you will be in HIGH SPEED MODE.

To slow it down, simply double-click it and you'll be back in STANDARD SPEED MODE.

To turn off, make sure you pen is in STANDARD SPEED MODE and press the small red button once.

Be sure to charge it up before use.

The equivalent nib size for black is 0.5mm.
The equivalent nib size for colours is 0.7mm.
However much finer points can be achieved by using less pressure.

Includes 6 black refills.

(Please note: Due to the magnetic components within this pen, it is not recommended for use by people with a pacemaker.)
  1. Extended portable use Review by Cuthy

    Great piece of kit which can be used of a portable power bank with USB point, makes it very portable with minimal equipment (Posted on 20/01/2017)

  2. Excellent pen! Review by Helen

    I bought this as an experiment really not expecting to like it anywhere near as much as I do.
    As a teacher I like to try lots of new things so I can review them for my students and potentially save them some expensive mistakes.
    It brings a whole new delight to dot drawing and has rekindled my love for this art form.
    Shading and blending are so easy after a little practise and even lovely lines can be created very simply.
    The only criticism I have is that I feel it is a little noisy to work with for long periods or in a quiet room around other people working and also the spring inside seems a touch delicate. I don't know if it can be replaced if it gets lost.
    It's well made and very light even though is at first appears quite chunky. I can work for hours without the usual cramps that I get from working with traditional pens in this style.
    I would like more variety of ink colours like sepia and white but have been informed that these may be on the market soon.
    One cartridge went a long way so I feel they are good value for money.
    I am delighted with my purchase. (Posted on 15/12/2016)

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Cuttlelola Dotspen - Rechargable Multi-speed Electric Drawing Pen