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Creative Freedom Book with Maggie Price





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We all get stuck with creative block from time to time and this handy guide will help kick-start your artistic juices.

Presenting a series of over fifty ideas that will help you look at your subjects in a new way, Maggie will help you find your inspiration again and maybe even send you off in a completely new direction.

Some of the ideas are obvious, such as Paint In A New Location or Change Your Viewpoint & Medium, but others are less so. Working Backward, for example, shows you how switching from pastels, where colours are applied dark to light, to watercolour, where it's the other way round, can force you to think about the subject in a completely new way and see the values differently.

Paint Vegetables and Sketch Your Surroundings are both about working with things that are so familiar they're usually overlooked. Once again, it's about looking and seeing and then thinking in a new way.

Most of the ideas presented are as simple as this, but they are presented in an imaginative and practical way that can't but have you itching to have a go yourself.

Each topic is accompanied by a step-by-step demonstration by one of over twenty artists, giving a practical and varied approach.

Book: North Light. Paperback. 144 pages. Colour throughout.

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Creative Freedom Book with Maggie Price

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