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Conte Crayon 12 Traditional Sketching Set

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Whether you like to draw landscapes, portraits or still life, there is a collection of beautiful and vibrant Conte colours to suit you!

The Conte Crayon 12 Traditional Sketching Set includes the following crayons:

2 x 2B black
1 x HB black
2 x B black
1 x Grey
1 x B white
1 x Sanguine
1 x Sanguine 18th Century
1 x Sanguine Watteau
1 x 2453 Sanguine Medici
1 x 2454 Bistre
  1. An extremely useful and practical set Review by JP

    I have used these for years for life drawing. I've tried other media but always come back to these. Tough enough not to break unless dropped but I often snap them in half anyway. Not as messy as charcoal and capable of producing sharp and soft edges. This set particularly useful for its good range of colours (Posted on 02/09/2014)

  2. Conte Crayon 12 Traditional Sketching Set Review by David Lane

    I have used Conte Crayons for some time, almost always alongside soft pastels. I find them extremely good for adding detail and producing distinct clear lines when this is required. They will mix with soft pastels - not as easily as soft pastel with soft pastel, but they do mix. In fact, a partial mixing can produce an interesting and often useful texture. I find that they sometimes break unless care is taken, but less likely to break than soft pastels. Very useful material and good value for money. (Posted on 14/02/2013)

  3. NO MESS Review by David Barlow

    Used these for the first time after using soft pastels, They did not crack and break or create any dust. Great item (Posted on 01/10/2012)

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Conte Crayon 12 Traditional Sketching Set

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