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Spring Spectacular 2017

Chinese Landscape Painting Techniques for Watercolour Book with Lian Quan Zhen





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A fascinating fusion of Chinese and Western painting techniques, this book will introduce you to a simplified way of seeing and working. It's painting, says Lian Quan Zhen, not what you see but what you want to see and creating a harmony of composition and colour.

The results are subtle and impressive and, at first sight, more like the watercolours we're used to rather than something from another culture. Look deeper, however, and you'll see, and learn to re-create, what's been omitted, what's been suggested and how colours have been used to emphasise composition and perspective.

Lian Zhen begins with a brief introduction to the history and methods of Chinese painting which covers the basic concepts but doesn't get bogged down in philosophy. This is a book for the Western painter who wants a new way of seeing and observing rather than an in-depth manual of unfamiliar ways. Even the chapter on composition and perspective, which are covered with admirable simplicity, seems fresh and innovative.

If you've been fascinated by Chinese painting methods, but have shied away because it all seems too complicated and alien, this is the perfect introduction and could have you completely converted.

Book: North Light. Paperback. 128 pages. Colour throughout

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Chinese Landscape Painting Techniques for Watercolour Book with Lian Quan Zhen

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