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Camera Lucida

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Helps the beginner to learn new drawing techniques. It reflects the image of a subject onto the painting surface, allowing an easy to follow contour.

The Camera Lucida is the ideal tool to enable you to draw a still life without taking your eyes off your paper. Ideal for use with an easel, the Camera Lucida has mirrors which 'project' an object placed on your left or right so it looks as though it is on the paper.

To set up your Camera Lucida you first need to attach the head to the arm. Use the screw fixing provided through the hole on the silver arm and one of the two holes on the side of the head (which hole you use depends on whether you prefer to work with your still life on your right or left). Your subject should be positioned approximately level with your easel so that it is within the Camera Lucida's range.

Next, attach the arm to your easel or board using the nut fastening. If required, you can change the direction of the fastening using the black knob to undo the attachment from the bottom, turning it around, and then tightening it up again.

To use your Camera Lucida you should position the head so that the hole is facing towards you, and so the mirror is in the direction of your still life
subject (as in the picture above). You then need to look through the hole
and you should see a projection of your still life subject in front of your paper.

If you don't see anything, try repositioning the Camera by using the black adjuster nearest the base to make the object larger or smaller, and the one closest to the head to straighten the image (the head should always be parallel with your subject so you get the correct proportions). The head also swivels from left to right. It is very likely that you will need to make adjustments to the positioning of your Camera Lucida in order to get the best picture, but you may also need to move your subject (or easel) so that the image is within the Camera Lucida's range.
  1. Useless Review by Anne Watson

    Impossible to work with .A waste of money

    We are sorry you found the Camera Lucida difficult to work with, however we are pleased you took advantage of our no quibbles return policy to get a full refund. (Posted on 08/04/2013)

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Camera Lucida

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