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Bob Ross Floral Brushes Floral Fan Brush No.4

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Bob Ross uses this fan brush for the subtle blending needed in some petals. Made from natural bristles and shaped according to Bob's very precise specifications. These brushes are the perfect tool to master Bob's techniques and style.

Bob Ross has taught millions of people worldwide to paint. His simple wet-on-wet technique is designed so that anyone who has the desire to paint will achieve instant encouragement and success. All the unique Bob Ross materials and tools have been carefully formulated and designed to achieve success in his wet-on-wet technique.

Note: Bob Ross brushes and knives should only be cleaned with Bob Ross Odourless Thinner or turps - they will be damaged if immersed in water or cleaned with water-based solvents.

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Bob Ross Floral Brushes Floral Fan Brush No.4

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