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Be a Better Painter Workshop Course on DVD with Ben Manchipp



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The aim of this workshop is to help you be a better painter.

If you have been painting for some time and feel that you want to improve your painting, it is often necessary to stand back and review how you work and the level of your abilities. You may also need to consider what your aims are and plan what you may need to do in order to improve.

The DVDs and accompanying workshop booklet demonstrate working methods and the thinking that will help you review the present and enable you to improve in future. The demonstrations take you step by step through each project, developing ideas and methods from concept to the finished study.

The workshop introduces what Ben considers are the core skills. These are the foundations that every painter needs in order to improve and develop. Core skills are good drawing and a working knowledge of methods and materials. These skills enable the painter to develop a creative process in the pursuit of more original work.

Good drawing is the most important core skill. It is the core of all your development, both during the process of developing new ideas and directions and in producing finished paintings. The understanding of methods and materials is also important if you wish to develop your work. The ability to paint simple things well, under control, and with understanding of the process will enable you to develop the ability to paint more complex subjects better.

The first exercise demonstrates the core skills of planned tones and washes, a basic principle of watercolour, and the importance of using 'white space'. The simple opening exercises continue progressively across a range of subjects, and conclude with a more complex painting using all the methods and materials that are demonstrated throughout the filming.

Learning to draw and paint well is a little like learning music. Start with simple scales and exercises and become an expert at these first, before trying to improvise. The classic disciplines of drawing, composition and technical skills create the freedom to explore and be creative. These are the core skills that will enable you to 'Be a Better Painter'.

Ben Manchipp
A passion for landscape and architecture imbues all of Ben Manchipp's work. With a varied history as a Designer and Illustrator to Head of an Art School, the core skills of sound drawing are evident in all the work he does. Ben's work has been shown in leading galleries and published internationally, and he has many awards and titles to his name, as well as being honoured with requests for commissions.

Part 1
The aim of these videos is to make you a better painter. In this first part, Ben looks at some of the core skills needed to improve the overall look of your painting. Starting with planned washes with defined areas, then to more challenging projects, and finishing with a beautiful painting of a Sussex windmill, Ben explains many of the methods you should use to make each painting you do better than the last.

Part 2
In the second part of Ben's Be a Better Painter workshop, Ben shows how using several basic skills, including wet and dry brushwork, drawing with masking fluid, removing colour with a sponge and a blade, and the use of the right colours and tones, can dramatically improve your paintings. Ben concentrates on exploring composition to make your paintings original, and shows how the image does not need to be the same as the reference photo.

DVD Special Features
Buying this workshop on DVD gives you more than just tuition from a leading artist - look at all the added features:

Project Selection
Watch the workshops all the way through or use your remote control to choose which exercise you would like to view. Ideal for workshops such as this where you may need to watch a particular scene more than once, DVD makes starting and stopping your learning experience much easier.

Also - Artist's Biography - Gallery of Ben Manchipp's Work - Hints and Tips from Other Leading Artists - About the SAA - About Teaching Art Videos - About Kopykake Projectors

Book: Paperback. 36 pages. Colour throughout
Double DVD: 155 mins

Please note that while this is a Region 0 DVD, it is PAL formatted and therefore unlikely to play in North America, Japan, South Korea and some of the Pacific Islands.

However, all DVDs will play on personal computers and laptops.
  1. Comprehensive & easy to follow Review by Richard Wilson

    Ben helps to build confidence through his approach to developing his set exercises in manageable steps. (Posted on 22/04/2013)

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Be a Better Painter Workshop Course on DVD with Ben Manchipp

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