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Atelier Interactive Carbon Black - 1 litre Bottle (Series 1) (660) (Please Note: Mainland UK Delivery Only)

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Experience Painting Freedom!

Tired of your acrylic paints drying too quickly?

Explore Interactive's Unique Formulation - a genuine breakthrough in paint technology!

Unlike traditional acrylics, all 75 of these 'Interactive' colours do not suddenly form a skin. Interactive changes the painting process, giving you time to blend and rework and giving you more creative freedom. The patent-pending formulation allows even touch-dry paint to be re-worked or ragged-off to blend or reveal layers. Archival quality and lightfast, the intense colours dry to a satin-like finish without a plastic look or feel and minimal colour shift.

The Unique Benefits of Interactive:

*Allows re-blending and reworking all day (Spray with water from time to time in dry conditions).

*75 colours are intense without a plastic look or feel.

*Paint has a smooth, buttery consistency that dries satin.

*Loses moisture gradually allowing an artist to control the drying process.

*Wet-in-Wet painting can be altered, considered or developed in the artists' own time.

*Wet-over-Dry painting can be easily integrated.

*Unresolved areas of a painting can be reworked and not just over-painted.

*Excellent for silkscreen, lino block and monotype printing processes.

*Minimal colour shift as paint dries.

*Available in 80ml, 250ml

Atelier Interactive Artists' Acrylic dries without a plastic skin, unlike conventional acrylics, giving the artist a window of opportunity in which to rehydrate the paint for a limited time. Interactive is thick and buttery allowing you to apply thick impasto techniques or it can be diluted to create vibrant washes and glazes. Interactive is so unique it's been awarded its own patent.

For detailed information about Atelier Interactive Acrylics, how to use them, video demonstrations and downloadable pdfs filled with tips and techniques visit: www.chromaonline.com


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Atelier Interactive Carbon Black - 1 litre Bottle (Series 1) (660) (Please Note: Mainland UK Delivery Only)

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