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Frisk Two Drawer Storage Chest

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This sturdy wooden chest is a great way to store your art materials. There are five roomy compartments in each drawer, large enough to hold pens, pastels or small tubes of paint.

Depth 26cm, Height 5.5cm, Width 40cm.

Contents pictured not included. This chest has two drawers.

Holds 164 pencils if they're double layered. The inner depth of each drawer is 235 x 12mm (9.25 x 1/2")

Each drawer will hold approximately 45 pencils/pens in total (10 in each large compartment, and 5 in the small middle compartment)

Made from a mix of Beech, Plywood and MDF.
  1. Adequate storage for pencils Review by Alan Butler

    I bought one of these cases a few years back for storing my coloured pencils. It is only 3/4 filled by the complete range of one manufacturer and I can slip a colour chart into the drawers as well. I recently bought a second for my wife as a present because she coveted mine. Draw backs: Not very suitable if you are looking for portable storage; There is little on the outside to show when it is the right way up. So if you are moving it around be careful how you open the drawers. (Posted on 08/04/2013)

  2. Good review Review by Cynthia Rabet

    I love these wooden chests - I have been lucky enough to receive a free one before when I bought some coloured penicls. I do have to label the chests though - pity there isn\'t a place to write on the box what\'s in it, rather than use a white sticky label. (Posted on 28/03/2013)

  3. Very smart storage chest Review by Terrig Art Group

    A real bonus to ordering the Artbars, keeping everthing neat and accesible, a super freebee, still very worth the price if you decide to buy one. (Posted on 28/03/2013)

  4. At last everything to hand Review by Maggie Murphy

    I try to be organised and this certainly helps. Now I only have to look in one place for my good pencils (Posted on 15/10/2012)

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Frisk Two Drawer Storage Chest

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